Creativity: Why? How? Cool! and What the hell is that?

I was tagged with the label ‘disillusioned romantic’ in graduate school at a prestigious conservatory master of fine arts program in theatre.

If you’re interested in a boots-in-the-mud depiction of the arts, rather than the romanticized popular western culture portrayal of it, then jump on in and and start reading. Never miss an update.

It is also the ‘current’ home for a trilogy of novels based on the characters and events of a very small, completely independently produced fantasy feature film called “Broken Swords: The Last in Line.”

Don’t Blink

This handy-dandy super-spiffy new platform will see you never miss a beat. (And I feel pained that I should have to point out that “beat” is a pun.)

In the future, some of these topics may progress into podcasts with special guests and other artists.

We Want You!

Thoughts. Ideas. Concepts. Conundrums. I’ll tackle just about anything. If you’ve got an idea for an article or want to understand some aspect of the performance arts or decide you really want to know more about your favorite character from the novels, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

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Ramblings of a Disillusioned Romantic (ps: I'm working on launching so right now everything is a skeleton.)


Michael Babbitt
I make films. I write stories. I tell tall tales. An old grognard expressing ideas and opinions who still plays table-top roleplaying games.