The Craft and the Art

I spent a good deal of time (from the ‘90s to ‘10) as an actor. Mainly stage, though I have had my occasional foray into film (never tried or wanted to try television.)

I have also been the artistic director for two experimental theatre companies, one of which lingers on in limbo as I write this.

I often feel like I have nothing to say and consider taking everything I write and hurling it into the void of the darkest of Lovecraftian imagination. Occasionally however, I do get an inspiration.

There are several reasons for this.

  1. I think I actually know a bit about this. Call it hubris or call it experience, it is what it is.

  2. I have had several of my friends (and colleagues) request I teach acting classes because they are convinced of my abilities in this matter (teaching acting not necessarily acting acting.)

  3. My earliest foray into the performing arts was actually as a director and was always meant to be as a director.)

I have never had a real desire to teach acting. As a director it drives me crazy having to teach the craft to an 'actor' when they should already know how to do it if they're going to get up on the stage in the first place. That's a bit harsh. I realize. I also realize that often times people who don't like something can, quite often, be uncannily good at it.

One word that it will center on, and one word that I feel all of my craft as an artist is dependent on is honesty. This will be the foundation of everything you read concerning the art and the craft of possibly the 'second' oldest profession in the world.